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Michelle Thomas

I have the good fortune of calling Michelle Thomas my friend.  She's not only way cooler than I will ever be,  but she is an extremely talented photographer.  

Michelle is the kind of person who oozes charm, and it reads though her work.  She is as delightful as her smile, modest as her eyes and she has a trigger finger that is so quick, catches everything your fast-footed kids do before they think it.  She is also funnier than hell (I am always waiting for the next wise-crack to come out of her mouth).  Love you girl!  I am so lucky to have her as my friend.  We kind of found each other by chance and discovered we had parallel lives-the same hair (we now use the same stylist), the same furniture in our houses, the same quirky crazy kids and happen to both be a teeny tiny wee bit older than our husbands-the same amount of years apart, the same favorite flower, the list goes on and on-crazy.  We both moved to Oregon from Southern California.  Although we live only 25 minutes apart, I don't get to see her as much as I wish due to schedules, but you can count on an average of about 5 texts a day some weeks.  You see, she's my BTF-Best Text Friend. Michelle has a great eye and is my go-to-gal when I have a design temptation or dilemma.  Our styles are just a little different, but we get each other's vision and we're always sending "pins" back and forth.  It's so awesome!

Not as awesome as these photos she took of my kiddos last month.  Michelle Thomas is Queen of buttery magical light.  I will call her the Light Fairy-I love her pure etherial style.  I am espcially touched that I have these images of my kids simply being themselves and giving mom a little lovin'.  (I am always behind the lense on outings and vacations so these are so precious).  These are just a few of my favorites, check out Michelle's site here  for more of her work (and a happy catchy tune to enjoy while you peruse). 

A sincere thanks to you Michelle, the photos are magical!!!!  XOXO

Michelle Thomas Photography services the greater Portland area as well as Orange County, CA.  

Call her, you'll be so glad you did!  

We are happy to share these photos with you here,  please do not use (copy, post, use)  without permission. Thank you.





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