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The J Room

It's no secret I love designing kids' rooms!  Creatively, the scope is widened, and kids love "stuff", and so do I, so I get the excuse to go a little nuts.  The smaller clients (although this one is almost as tall as me) are always so enthusiastic, I daresay elated, and proud of their newfound room identity.  Instead of the refusal to go to their room, there was refusal to leave.

I always start a kids' room off with colors.  Most kids like all colors, so I ask what colors are NOT your favorite, and work backwards.  Then I interview about interests (my HR skills come in handy here).  I incorporate interests in variety of ways, it doesn't have to be a roomful of literal symbols of hobbies and interests. The room can get too "themey" and this outdated in no time, because their interest change so fast, and sometimes too much, is just too much.  A well-designed room needs to have longevity--but we have a kid to please.  

The J-man has alot of interests.  He has his bebloved dog, Sadie,  the canine star of his mother's Nationally known ever-so-popular food blog NoblePig.com.  He loves basketball, the color orange, blue and brown and his favorite player is Mr. Michael Jordan who played for the Bulls.  That's what I went on, and it started with this pillow (which I am sorry to report is now discontinued by Serena and Lilly) in honor of our Dear Sadie.  You see, Sadie shares this room with the J Man.  Her spot is under the secod bed so she had to like it too (therefore, no bed skirts so she is able to scoot right on under to her spot).



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