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Hurray we're live!

Hi there!

I can't believe I am actually typing this - DE LAVENNE DESIGN has a brand new fresh new look and we're now live!  

It's been years, YEARS that I have been working on this starting from a new new logo that I felt better represented the DE LAVENNE aesthetic.  I wanted those reading to have a feeling of calm and a look of uncluttered clear beautiful space to escape to (you know, that morning coffee moment).  I wanted that feeling for myself too. I hope I have accomplished that for you, I would love to hear your feedback.   I have put my heart and soul, and quite literally my own two hands into every space, photograph, shape and color that you see on this site.  Once the sun came out (a 6-month wait after the rainiest Spring I can recall since living here in Oregon) I managed a 4-day photo shoot (while fighting a nasty virus/bronchitis) to revamp my portfolio pages. And while putting finishing touches on the site, preparing a vacation, a birthday party and a puppy!  

If you are following DE LAVENNE DESIGN on Instagram , you have seen some of the latest projects and happenings.  If you don't follow yet, see that camera button over there on the right?  CLICK it and it will take you to my Instagram page-voila!  Or just click here. The button below that (the "P") will take you to Pinterest, and over 10,000 (yep, your heard me) 10K pins on Pinterest for Interior and Lifestyle photos that inspire me. And below, that Facebook.  

There are more portfolio photos that will be added in coming months as there are more projects that are underway and wrapping up!

The most important thing I can say on this post is THANKS.  Thanks for every "like" and "repin" and critique.  Thanks to my friends who kept encouraging me to keep after what I love to do (some even trusting me enough to hire me), and those doing it already; (bloggers, designers I follow, friends and moms who I watch fighting for their passions.  You are all a great inspiration.  This is not an easy industry to get into, and appreciate the opportunity to try my hand at it.

Thanks to the LVSYS team who have worked tirelessly on my site and its SEO, graphics, spacing, buttons, colors, you name it.  Websites are a totally different ball game, an absolute foreign language and the LVSYS team was patient and listened to what I was after.  Thank you.

You would think I were accepting and Oscar, sorry, clearly I am pretty excited about this! 

Thanks to my husband (aka Frenchie) who puts up with rooms being rearranged, constant paint and fabric swatches all over the house, and my throw pillow addiction (and thanks to Heather from The Ruby Crab who sewed every one of those pillows).  

And especially, thanks to my kids who were always so sweet and understanding with mom while I was trying to show them to work hard, love what you do and to b e   b r a v e.

Thanks and enjoy.

I would love to hear your feedback!



Photo: Michelle Thomas
Photo: Michelle Thomas



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