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Color Story No. 1

Sometimes it's just hard to start...anything.  Call it being analytical, a procrastinator, a perfectionist or blame it on the fact a person wants to see all options before they make a decision. All of the above, no matter the reason, puts us in the same spot.  

The beginning,  or  "the never starting" stage.

So often I get asked the question "where do you start when you design a room"?  We often hear Designers tell us to start with  "inspiration".  But still to the non-designer, it leaves a question mark.  What do Designers mean anyway?

It's easier than ever to find inspiration, with sites like HOUZZ & Pinterest, it's impossible not to have inspiration right there at the fingertips, but maybe that's the problem?  There are too many options, so once again, where to start? (That's how I feel about grocery shopping, so I understand completely.  sometimes, I just want to turn around and sit in my car in the parking lot.  I have to have a recipe as my guideline or I'm paralyzed in thought).

I am going to help explain how you can start your own Design Process.

Where to Jump- Find your Inspiration 

When I take on a client the first step is send them off to my Pinterest  pin board and ask them to spend about one hour there doing homework-visiting "great rooms" for example, or "kitchens".  I ask them to pin things they are attracted to, not just whole completed rooms, but anything, and note the reason they pinned it (often the person may not know why and that's ok).  Once finished, I look at their board.  I will start to learn what common themes (color, pattern, texture, mood, etc.) they are attracted to. Later, I create a private shared pin board and add to it, to help guide them until I get a taste of their style.  This practice is such a learning experience for us both, the Client is identifying his or her own style, and I help them learn what to call it. Together we have made a design goal-knowing that the design path will build and veer a little depending upon how it goes along the way. I like to give that flexibility-it offers a sense of pride to the Homeowner, and satisfies me as their Designer, that I helped them get there.  

Next, if we come across that "have to have" item, we've identified that inspiration or jumping off point.  And away we go.  Remember the Kohler commercial where a lady takes a faucet out of her purse and says to her architect, "build a house around this"? I laughed when I saw this, because it's so true and it happens all the time, and it's something I would do!  Bravo Kohler.

The Color Story Series

I've started a series called Color Story to help prove this point.  One fabric served as my inspiration.  I saw this fabric about three years ago, and I haven't been able to get it out of my head, so I built a room around it with a "tween/teen female" in mind and I feel much better! Maybe this design can find a home (if you are interested, please email me at Kari@delavennedesign.com)!

Some designers use art as their jumping off point or a rug on the floor, or fabric, like I do here, and simply pull colors from it keeping patterns in the same palette, mixing scale and proportion, but keeping a common thread throughout the room.  In short, it has the same "feeling" or impression offsetting predictability with something quirky or oddly interesting.  A great design is just a collection of well-made decisions that lend to the overall look (considering lines, space, proportion, weight, depth and dimension, texture) without getting influenced by other variables that may deter us from the well-designed room (sales items or trends), all within that little box called a budget.  It's really hard to edit when you love everything, let me tell you, but a good eye saves us from overabundance and keeps a sense of order. It takes a lot of practice to do this, a skill I am constantly practicing. We all love our "stuff". 

I hope you enjoy the Color Story -Palette No. 1.  I am going to try to commit to it weekly or in between assignments and life.   Palette No. 1 is based upon my inspiration; a beautiful fabric by Highland Court called Montage Crewels.  I'd love to get your feedback!

Maybe I inspired one of you to get started?


Color Story No. 1
Color Story No. 1
Inspiration - Highland Court s Montage Crewel and Print
Inspiration - Highland Court's Montage Crewel and Print



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